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Alps And Dangerous Forest _TOP_

Remember that indie smash-hit game Limbo? It was about a little boy who was lost in the woods (and other places) and he was trying to get out, but everything wanted him dead. Well, that is kind of the same premise we have here, except we have a scantily clad girl running through the forest and instead of things wanting her dead, they want to rape her! From a perverted boar, a weird baboon thing, and some demon looking dude. This world is pretty messed up!

Alps and Dangerous Forest

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With impacts from rising temperatures manifesting faster than most models had predicted, scientists see the shrinking of Alpine glaciers as another warning sign that Earth's climate is lurching toward dangerous tipping points.

First, I have to say, that doing the Sentier des Roches in winter, is totally mad, crazy ! I'm bringing here an answer to sjarelkwint, who has done this mountain path in winter, with snow and ice ! It's too dangerous, you're unconscious in your head ... You have better to wait, when the snow will disappear ... I prefer to preserve my body and not to be dead, between the ravines, the rocks and the trees ! But I must recognize, that the summit of the Hohneck exceptionnal is ...From thereover, is the panorama totally circular, unical !

Experts at a regional conference on the Alps, held annually in the mountain resort of Alpbach, stopped short of blaming global warming. But they called for a review of preventive measures to protect people living in valleys at risk of dangerous flooding.

Take Pakistan. Founded when the British Empire partitioned the subcontinent in 1947 (forming India, Pakistan and East Pakistan, which would become Bangladesh in 1976), this Islamic nation is technically one of the world's youngest countries. But its history and heritage go back thousands of years. Lahore [Images], for instance, near the border with India in the east, was home to the Mughal empire, whose Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal [Images] in the memory of his "favorite" wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Mughals' influence can still be seen at the Badshahi Mosque, built by emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir; the Lahore Fort, which may date back nearly 1,000 years; and the Shalimar Gardens, also built by Shah Jahan. It's easy to avoid Pakistan's truly dangerous areas -- the tumultuous tribal regions and the long western border with Afghanistan.

For much of the '90s, Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Balkans was shorthand for the worst violence in Europe since World War II. The name evoked images of refugees, snipers, mortar attacks and ethnic cleansing. But the fighting has been over for a long time, and the peace is now firmly secured by the presence of NATO troops and heavy doses of European aid. These days, Bosnia is best described not as a simmering conflict zone, but as one of the last undiscovered and most beautiful regions of the southern Alps -- a haven for nature-lovers looking for some of Europe's most pristine forests. The country's "heart-shaped land" advertising campaign is an effort to transform Bosnia's international image into a closer approximation of the current reality.

Bucheli says the weather this weekend should be "relatively good" for skiing in the northern part of the Alps as a wind from the south will whip away the clouds. The southern Alps, however, will probably be snowy and foggy above 800 metres, he said.Lukas Dürr, an avalanche forecaster with the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Davos, cautions anyone heading into the mountains to take extra care on the slopes this weekend.As temperatures have remained cold, averaging about minus ten degrees at 2,000 metres, the new snow has not yet bonded to older layers below, meaning avalanches are already releasing."It's always a bit dangerous with big amounts of snow like this," Dürr said. "Skiers heading off-piste need to be extremely cautious."The centre, which posts avalanche forecast online, reports that the snowpack remains very weak from the southern Valais to the upper Engadine.That said, large snowfalls like this tend to settle quickly once conditions permit as the sheer weight of the snow helps them bond to other layers below, Dürr said.That settling probably won't occur over the weekend, he said, but other areas in the cantons of Glarus, Schwyz and Bern are already more stable. The institute lists avalanche danger in those areas as moderate. 041b061a72


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