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Cheat In Monster Galaxy On Facebook

Say hello to Coldbear.Coldbear is one of my favorite Moga, and not just because he's cute a button (or buttons in his case! :D )My favorite thing when using Coldbear is his Poison attack. Using it can sure level the odds when fighting even against more powerful Moga.What is your favorite Moga special attack and why?

cheat in monster galaxy on facebook

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Home full of Mogas? Don't want that extra Trolo? Check out our fancy new RELEASE button and get rid of all those extra Mogas to speed up your load times. Don't forget to let us know what you think of the release button

ALL PREVIOUS CHANCE ITEMS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN THE SKY SHOP! We've brought back all the classics as well as a new Super Spin with the Galactic Kraken and other awesome Mogas!

NEW EVOLUTION: SKUXETTE!Only five Skuzies and five Evolution Potions to evolve one of these little devils. Get yours today! How much do you love the new evolution? Comment and let us know with that like button!

THE CLAWS OF RAGE CHANCE ITEM IS HERE!Avatars of the Cancer Zodiac, these crab dragons will be unleashing their fury on the Mogas of Sunshire all month long!Get yours in the Sky Shop today!

Thanks to the support of tamers everywhere, Melchior can flourish in the wild once more! Look for this adorable Moga in the wild at Miasma Depths and Shadowmire Edge along with double Moga Cash Drops at both locations for 24 hours!

NEW WILD MOGA ALERT!If you find some time today, stop by Windhym Flowerpit and welcome Brooster to his new home there!Do you love new wild mogas? Click that like button and let us know!

Part Two of the Pride of the Valkyries is now available! Players who have completed the Rescue Edgar quest can begin these five new quests immediately with a shot at taming the new rare Moga: Devilbait!

PRIDE OF THE VALKYRIES PART ONELooks like everyone's favorite ghostly warrior is in deep with the new Valkyrie Mogas. Don't leave the poor man hanging, rumor has it he can help you capture an Edgar if you help him!

Can't find enough monster galaxy? - Visit our website to learn more. We also invite you to check out our Facebook game. We would like to know if you share your thoughts about our game in the comments about the game and below. Having problems with this game? -galaxy-the-zodiac-islands.Monster Please visit the Galaxy Free to Play game, but buy in the app that costs real money. Players enter the required Google Shopping credentials in the purchase application. Privacy.


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