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Welcome to Collective Joy 

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About Us

Connected Souls in the Collective Subconscious

We are sensualists, friends, and creators that join in the collective to share art, random musings, food, music, love, kinks, and joy with the world.

What We Envision

We will create joy and celebration together through events and spaces that bring together unique expressions of art, senses, food, and music created by and for our community in collaborative experiences that explore and expand the boundaries of our lives.

Our Principles

  1. We create spaces for creators and collaborators to nourish themselves and share with others

  2. Shared celebration and joy are pathways to intimacy and connection 

  3. We build and play through all of our senses; sensuality, spirituality, and psychology are inextricably connected 

  4. Every detail is intentional and loved 

  5. Diversity and self-expression line the road to genuine self-love and unity

  6. We want and desire much, but we don’t expect it, we do the work and manifest our own realities and help others along their winding-journeys  

  7. Sometimes we take more, sometimes we give more, seeking balance in ebbs and flows; we break the cycle of consumption and fulfill ourselves through giving

  8. Magic is real; there is no light without darkness; neon rainbow unicorns are best 

  9. All can participate no matter the skill level; we jump in with both feet to bring our authentic selves, our offering to the infinite mosaic 

And …

We know life isn’t all fucking daisies. We’re tough, we don’t whine, we’re self-reliant, and we build and make real shit with our hands; we party hard, love hard, and fight hard 

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