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MAS (Microsoft Activation Scripts) 1.7

Script is updated as per abbodi1406 KVA v48 (Major change: optional behavior to override Office C2R vNext license (subscription or lifetime) or its residue (which may prevent proper KMS activation).Scripts will enable Windows Script Host if it's disabled.More checks are added to find the cause of activation failure.Activation Troubleshoot

MAS (Microsoft Activation Scripts) 1.7

Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS for short) is a short but sharp open-source KMS scripts collection for online/offline activation of Microsoft Windows and Office, and friendly to all kinds of antivirus software without being easily misidentified as malware. In this collection, the Digital License can achieve a permanent activation of Windows 10; KMS38 is able to activate Windows 10/Server until 2038; for Online KMS, the activation period for Windows/Server/Office is 180 days.

A South-Africa based freelance technologist who paid $200 for a genuine copy of Windows 10 was startled to see a Microsoft support engineer "crack" his copy using unofficial tools that bypass the Windows activation process.

Microsoft's official Windows activation methods involve either the customer entering a 25-character product key when prompted, or signing in with their Microsoft account to apply a digital license. In some cases, customers may also call the customer care to "activate by phone."

Using "warez," cracks, and other unofficial means to bypass software copy protection are often frowned upon. Other than falling in a legal gray area and being akin to pirating software, these methods pose a security risk. For example, third-party scripts claiming to be software 'cracks' may instead be malware.

KMSPico is one of the most (if not the most) popular software activation tools for Windows and Office Suite, with millions of global users and endorsers. Funnily enough, it also seems to have a lot of "official websites."

A KMS client connects to a KMS server (the activation host), which contains the host key the client uses for activation. Once KMS clients are validated, the Microsoft product on those clients contacts the server every 180 days (6 months) to maintain its validity. However, a KMS set-up is only viable for large organizations with Volume Licensed (VL) Microsoft products.

The goal of the experiment is to image and characterize the molecular flow of filamentous- (F-) actin in living T cells, beyond the diffraction limit in order to establish flow direction and magnitude during immunological synapse (IS) formation. This technique will be carried out using a structured illumination microscope (SIM) in total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) mode, imaging Jurkat T-cells forming an artificial synapse on activating coverslips coated with anti-CD3- and anti-CD28 antibodies. The IS forms between a T cell and its target; an antigen presenting cell (APC) upon T cell receptor (TCR) activation1,2. As this is the first step in determining whether the adaptive immune system generates an immune response to an infection, the consequences of incorrect responsiveness to stimuli can cause a number of diseases. The importance of the T cell-APC interaction is well documented, however, the role(s) of the mature IS after initial TCR signal internalization are yet to be fully understood.

As the cytoskeleton is thought to aid two processes linked to TCR activation (the movement of molecules at the plasma membrane and the control of signaling molecules dependent on the actin cytoskeleton3,4 ), understanding how the cytoskeleton rearranges spatially and temporally will elucidate the steps of molecular reorganization during synapse formation. The retrograde flow of F-actin is thought to corral TCR clusters towards the center of the immunological synapse, this translocation is believed to be vital for signal cessation and recycling; aiding the fine balance of T cell activation5. 041b061a72


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