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What Is A Stick Edger

A lawn edger, also referred to as an edge trimmer, is a tool that trims and defines boundary lines in a yard. It is usually used along the edges to create division between your lawn and the surrounding sidewalk, driveway, or flowerbeds. Without edging, grass tends to grow over those boundaries, giving your lawn an unkempt and overgrown look.

what is a stick edger


Lawn edgers use a vertical spinning blade to cut cleanly for sharp and clean borders. These tools can be motorized or manual. Motorized edgers usually have a guiding wheel and a rotating blade that allows you to easily roll along the borders of your lawn. While manual edgers are often made of variations of spade tools.

Lawn edgers are designed to cut edges and create boundary lines, whereas a string trimmer is designed to maintain those boundary lines. They make a great team! Both can help your lawn to look sharper. Avoid those shaggy, untrimmed edges.

If you already own an attachment-capable string trimmer, such as one from Troy-Bilt, Remington, Craftsman, Yard Machine, Yardman, Snapper, Bolens, Murray, Ryobi, Greenworks, or Kobalt, then the Trimmer Plus edger attachment can convert it to an edger.

It has a thick-bar stock frame, ball-bearing wheels and a dual-ball-bearing cutter head that tilts, allowing you to edge at an angle, either horizontally (for weed trimming) or vertically. The spacer between the front wheels makes this even more versatile than your standard edger. Leave the spacer in place for making straight runs, or remove the spacer and slide the wheels together and reinstall the spacer on the outside for edging curves with a tight radius.

An edge trimmer or lawn edger is a garden tool, either manual or motorised,[1] to form distinct boundaries between a lawn, typically consisting of a grass, or other soft botanical ground cover, and another ground surface feature such as a paved, concreted or asphalted area, or a granular material such as sand or gravel, or simply uncovered soil, for example an unbounded garden.[2]

Purpose-designed lawn edgers are more time efficient for long and even edges, while string trimmers are more efficient for angular edges and around interrupting features such as rocks.[4] Spade based, roller based, and adaptable string trimmer designs may all be known as stick trimmers.[citation needed]

Typical situations for the use of lawn edgers are to define clean boundaries, and stop grass incursion, between lawns and walkways or gardens in private properties and public areas, and between sand traps and greens or fairways on golf courses.[2][5]

Purpose-designed manual spade-based lawn edgers are a half-moon-shaped, semicircular, broad blade attached to an elongated handle, and are used in a downwards and rocking motion.[1] The blade may have a flat top to allow the operator to step on the blade to apply more force. The blade is driven through the lawn and into the lawn substrate parallel to (and adjacent to) the hard boundary feature bordering the lawn, cutting any protruding lawn material. This type of lawn edger is also known as an edging iron.[3]

There are two basic types of roller based manual lawn edgers. Both are driven by pushing a roller wheel along a hard surface adjacent to the lawn edge. One type causes a solid steel cutting disc to cut the edge of the lawn; the other type causes two star-spoked discs to rotate against each other, shear-cutting the edge of the lawn.[1]

Take charge of the overgrown grass with the Toro 8" 60V Max* Stick Edger. This cordless, 60V edger allows you to pick your performance. Get more power and longer life out of your edger with the high-performance brushless DC motor that outperforms brushed motors. And, it is easy to match the speed to the job with the variable-speed trigger and two speed ranges to choose from. You can expect superior durability and performance with more motor torque and a cast aluminum direct-drive head. The innovative Flex-Force Power System features intelligent software^ that maximizes run time and performance. Have peace of mind, as Toro stands behind its products with a full warranty, not just limited coverage. Count on it.*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

Give your home's exterior a little added curb appeal with a quality lawn edger that takes care of those little odds and ends your mower can't. Add some much-needed convenience to your life with a cordless electric lawn edger that you can charge up between uses. When you don't have to drag a cord around, sprucing up your lawn becomes easier, and you can finish the job in half the time. Lawn edgers make it easy to get rid of those pesky weeds and tiny bits of grass that remain tucked into corners and under fences. When your blade becomes dull, replace it with just the right size attachment made for your particular edger. New lawn edger blades offer cleaner cuts and less mess to clean up after the job is done. You can find a suitable lawn edger and accompanying accessories in both new and used condition on eBay, where reliable sellers offer quick and affordable shipping right to your door. 350c69d7ab


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