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Josiah Ramirez
Josiah Ramirez

Fairyland Express Publishing Junior B Test Booklet

"It came in with the industrial system," he went on. "I believe thatthere is in man a natural tendency to look for beauty somewhere.Capitalism made of work so foul a thing that it couldn't be foundthere. And in answer to demand it turned out a numberless horde ofstunted, overworked, half-educated people. Work was foul: for ordinaryamusements there was no time, except on Sunday, and then it was wicked.Some means of self-expression had to be found, something to bringcomfort of a sort, something that would be suitable for Sundays and theevenings. There was sex. I wonder why it never occurs to the parsonswho protest against Sunday games (for the poor) that the BritishSabbath is nothing but a forcing-house for sex. The average artisan orshop-girl has not the possibility of any other occupation.

fairyland express publishing junior b test booklet


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