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Wedding jewelry: from wedding rings to His And Hers Promise Rings

Finally, the sweet wedding bells are heard in the air, and the excitement is visible not just in your eyes, but also in every corner of your life. Of course, your big day is not just about a gorgeous wedding dress and your perfect man! It's the tender promise to be together through the good times and the most difficult ones, to never miss a movie night on the weekends, to prepare breakfast together on a quiet Sunday morning and to add more special moments to your already exciting love story.

And where does this all begin? With the perfect match of wedding jewellery from head to toe. Below, we'll show you some of the most beautiful ideas for wedding rings and wedding jewelry So you can pick the ones that best fit the style of your big day.

The wedding rings

After saying "yes" to the engagement ring, it's time to select the second important wedding ring which is the wedding ring. While the engagement ring can be the main attraction of wedding ring however, the wedding ring is the one that you'll wear the longest. It's crucial to choose one that is not only matched to the ring you're wearing for engagement, but also reflect your changing life style.

Here are some helpful tips to help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing a wedding ring

Don't wait to the last minute. Start your search three to four months before the wedding, especially in case you're looking for a bespoke design.

Take a look at your engagement ring. Although there aren't any rigid rules to adhere to, you should ensure that the wedding band and engagement ring complement each other. Check them out together to make sure you love both of them.

Take into consideration your lifestyle: If you plan to wear your wedding ring every day take a look at your lifestyle. If you're active or athletic, opt for a ring that is durable. Also, think about maintenance: simpler rings require less attention.

Be sure to get the right size. Your wedding ring should fit, even if your fingers expand or contract. Test the ring at a time when you are relaxed and your body is in a normal state.

Do not fret about wedding rings that match. Pick what you like and let your partner do the same. This will allow you both to express your individuality.

These suggestions can help you choose a wedding ring that represents your love for life.

Jewelry for the bride

The wedding day is an unforgettable occasion, and the choice of wedding jewelry can make a difference. Three simple guidelines will assist you in making this crucial choice.

There's less than enough when it comes to bridal jewelry. Don't be enticed by the temptation to wear a large number of pieces. Keep it to two pieces that improve your look without overdoing it. Consider the neckline of your dress. Jewelry and necklaces should be a match to the neckline of your dress, regardless of whether it's strapless or V-shaped and square, balloon-shaped or square-shaped. A bib-neck can look great when paired with a collar that is low, while a metal or pearl choker looks fantastic with a V neck. Make sure to choose a pair of elegant earrings that match your style.

Rings hold an important place in our lives. In addition to the one your groom picks for you, think about a special sparkling ring you carry throughout the day. It must be unique enough for you to carry it across the aisle.

Also making sure that the metals match the color of the dress is crucial. For white clothes, opt for bright metals such as platinum, rhodium or even gold. If the dress is ivory, antique jewelry with yellow-gold tones can be a perfect match. Gold is good with ivory dresses, and silver jewelry is a great match for elegant silver or gray dresses.

Make sure that every piece of jewelry you wear from your hair to your wrists complements your style without snagging your outfit. Be bold but elegant. This special day deserves the finest.

Jewelry for the groom

When we talk about weddings, we tend to focus on the bridesmaids' dresses and wedding gowns. Everyone compliments the bride for her white dress, and the bridesmaids for their coordinated looks. However, let's not forget about the groom and the wedding jewelry that will add that extra touch to his appearance.

We have to admit that the groom deserves our attention! No matter if you dress in a custom-made suit or choose an item from your closet, looking elegant is important on this special day.

How can a groom make himself stand out from other wedding attire? With sparkling accessories obviously! We're talking about cufflinks, brooches, bracelets, and maybe even a diamond tie clip if that's his style.

Here are a few of our top diamond jewelry for men to wear on their wedding day. It is important to keep in mind that even the groom shines on this special day.


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