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Just like wine, there are hundreds of olive varieties, each with its own unique taste and character. High-quality extra virgin olive oils are fruity, pleasantly bitter due to the freshness of the olives, and pungent because of the abundance of nutrients.

way of the hunter

Every single olive oil listed on our store has been carefully selected for its outstanding flavors and aromas. You can rest assured all of our olive oils are high-quality extra virgin since we taste and analyze every single shipment before we make products available for sale.

We farm & produce quite a few artisan oils & vinegars at our California 'Olive View' Olive Ranch. Here are just a few of our best-selling, fresh-squeezed traditional & co-milled Extra Virgin Olive Oils & seasonal small batch Balsamico Vinegars. All of our heart-healthy foods are fresh & flavorful, made with the highest quality standards, guaranteed. Remember, we only make limited quantities of our all-natural olive oils & vinegars, so pick up one of our best-sellers at our olive oil online store before they're gone!

Our premium products are perfect for cooking up a cornucopia of dishes and getting all of your 2023 gifting completed in just a few clicks. They're great gifts for every occasion & easy to use for all of your cooking, baking, drizzling or dipping. Our olive oils are made from only the finest California olives which we cold-press for healthy, tasty goodness. Start fresh with fresh-squeezed extra virgin olive oil from Temecula Olive Oil Company! You can buy olive oil online for delivery to your door, or select in-store pick-up at checkout and select one of our Southern California Tasting Rooms & Retail Shops.

Spain is not only the largest producer of olive oil in the world, it now boasts some of the world's finest oils. We have traveled across the country selecting the finest first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Like fine wine, each brand has its own distinct flavor. Unlike supermarket oils, these pressings have a complex vibrant taste that will change how you think about olive oils.

Your best olive oil comes from Morocco. I did research, same oil different company. This is the best. Been using it for over 2 years. I do not wait for something to hurt, over 80 no pain . So far.Marie Santos

Not sure where to start? Send one of our Gift items like this perfect Dipping Sampler! Includes three of our signature extra virgin olive oils, one traditional aged balsamic vinegar and one pack of Charleston Spice Co Mediterranean Blend Dipping Spices. Did we mention it comes gift wrapped?!

Established in 2011 as a farmers market based business, Low Country Olive Oil now carries over 60 olive oils and vinegars; the largest selection of on tap oils and vinegars in the Charleston Lowcountry. Over 50% of the company's olive oils and balsamic vinegars are blended or infused in Charleston and are exclusive to Lowcountry Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressed Estate-Bottled Olive OilsPrice range: $18.99 to $50.00We carry only First Cold Pressed olive oil (pressing temperature is maintained below 27-degrees C) and Extra Virgin (which means, also, that the olives have been picked and pressed within 24 hours, that they are first cold pressed, the oil is not old or musty, and of the highest quality). Therefore, we do not indicate that an oil is "Extra Virgin" within each product description, unless they are not Extra Virgin. We know our olive oils are Extra Virgin, because we either know, or know someone who knows, all the producers that produce the olive oils that we sell. Additionally, all our first cold pressed olive oils have either a harvest date, a consume by date or a lot number - which tells us that someone is paying attention to what's in the bottle. It is also vital information that helps you, the consumer, understand what harvest you are buying and avoid buying old oil (which, by definition, is no longer Extra Virgin Olive Oil). We make our best effort to watch what we are selling and stay on top of inventory -- because we think that when our customers buy extra virgin olive oil online, what they want to actually receive is extra virgin olive oil - go figure. Browse our selection of cold pressed organic olive oil and extra virgin olive oil below.Note about harvest dates: In the nothern hemisphere, olives are harvest and pressed between October and December. Which means the current harvest is actually last year. So, for example, if we are in 2019, the current harvest year is 2018.

For our complete selection of FRESH oils, specialty vinegars and cask-aged balsamic vinegars, boxed gift sets, olive wood products, and curated gourmet food items from around the globe, click on the links below. Enjoy your journey of culinary discovery! Come in and experience FRESH!

Our most robust oil of this new harvest, this Australian Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lively with notes of tomatoes, banana, and fresh herbs. Complexity at its finest, this is an olive oil to discover.

As soon as you open this bottle, the intoxicating aroma of the rich truffles and fresh olive oil seeps into your senses. This intense truffle oil also boasts earthy essence and has hints of dry fruit. Complex and elegant!

Made of a Greek olive variety, but produced in Chile, this oil is an excellent representation of a European favorite. Koroneiki has fragrant notes of chamomile, banana, Belgian endive, and pepper. This oil has a complexity that should not be missed.

Our exceptionally spicy Harissa Olive Oil delivers a classic moroccan flavor from the smoked chili peppers, garlic, caraway, coriander and cumin spices that have been infused with the freshest extra virgin olive oil.

This beautiful Biancolilla from Mandranova, Italy is obtained exclusively by a careful selection of olives during the first ten days of October. This unique Sicilian monocultivar is fruity, with a fragrance of fresh herbs and tomatoes. It is well balanced with slightly bitter, spicy and peppery notes. The Sicilian Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil is slightly vegetal with a creamy artichoke center, fragrant berry notes and a nice peppery finish.

This extraordinary and fragrant extra virgin comes from the beautiful groves of sunny Portugal. Enjoy vibrancy and complexity on the palate. An antioxidant powerhouse, this robust extra virgin olive oil packs an energetic punch! It is unique and complex with tropical fruit characteristics, a sweet berry and cream center, and fiery Szechuan peppercorn finish/lingering spicy mouth feel.

Exquisitely fused with cayenne chilies, this extremely hot olive oil is the hottest that we carry. With a persisting heat, the flavor of the Red Cayenne Olive Oil is plentiful and determined to add excitement to any dish.

Feast your eyes on our vast and delicious selection of infused olive oils, extra virgin olive oils (evoo), and gourmet oils! We've got the best olive oils to elevate your dishes to divine levels. Whether you're looking for an infused olive oil or an everyday evoo, we've got a wide variety to choose from to find the best olive oil for you. All of our olive oils are gluten free, vegan, and kosher, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your body! Not sure where to start? Try our best-selling infused Garlic Olive Oil, gourmet White Truffle Oil, or year-round favorite, our Portuguese Cobrançosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). So whether you're looking for a fruity olive oil or something a little more robust, we've got you covered. With such an expansive variety to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect olive oil for your culinary masterpiece!

We have been ordering organic olive oil for 3 years for ourselves and our children in Germany. This is a special oil, delicious as well as very healthy. We receive it in perfect condition and without any problem every year. Nothing is a problem for Ricardo, he always finds a solution. Many thanks for your excellent service and your wonderful work, we are very grateful to you. Regards. Maria and family

The majority of our olive trees are centenarians and they are cultivated using traditional methods in natural mountain settings with steep slopes. This makes production costs somewhat higher, but worthwhile because of the more authentic flavour of their EVOO.

Exactly like grapes, olives come in different varietals. There are hundreds of olive cultivars in the World. Some cultivars may be preferred as table olives, others for olive oil production, and few cultivars are dual-purpose.

We also liked Merula Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. For a milder option around $20, go for this Spanish blend. Commerce editor Emily Johnson found it to have a soft herbal flavor reminiscent of sage or oregano. The delicate flavor would play well in both sweet and savory bakes or in cooking something like scrambled eggs, where a hint of olive oil is nice, but a bold oil may be overpowering.

We then tasted our top 20 olive oils (the top three to five in each price range) in a second blind tasting, where the oils were again unmarked and arranged in random order. For all tastings, editors were asked to sample the oils in a random order to avoid issues of palate fatigue.

Our oil olive press since 1963, is engaged in production and sale of puglia extra virgin olive oil directly from producer to consumer, the oil production occurs in southern Puglia in particular in the area of northern Salento, thus obtaining an Italian oil of origin guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.The experience in the operations of the olive harvest and pressing in the oil mill business, passed down for generations, allow us to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil: The Gold of the Salento, the unique sensations, unaltered and absolutely unmistakable.

Valgiano is grown and pressed north of Lucca on the far west of Tuscany, about twenty miles inland from the Tyrrhenian sea. Lucca's oils have long been prized. In The Food of Italy (published in 1971 but still a great book for traditional Italian foodways), Waverly Root writes, "The greatest gastronomic glory of Lucca is its olive oil, the finest in Italy." 041b061a72


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